standardized testing

Fight for 6 NOT 540 Days of Testing

Today’s students lose 540 days, equivalent to three school years, to standardized testing and test prep during their K-12 years, according to Dr. Jesse Turner’s calculations. Back when, standardized tests were rare — occurring roughly three times in a school… Read More ›

DC SBOE & ESSA: A Step Back?

Markus Batchelor, DC State Board of Education Representative from Ward 8, and Valerie Jablow, DCPS parent and blogger, joined the Education Town Hall on April 13 to discuss the State Board’s recent action on ESSA measures. Batchelor raised questions about… Read More ›

Whitewashing the Opt Out Movement

Despite reports to the contrary and deliberate attempts to divide the movement, parents are Opting Out of standardized testing in communities of color. The hashtag #OptOutSoWhite would have some believing that some communities WANT standardized testing. But these Philadelphia parents… Read More ›