About Education Town Hall

The Education Town Hall with Thomas Byrd is the contemporary meeting place facilitating the construction of effective community-supported education solutions and strategic transformational actions. All are welcome.

The price of admission is your sincere desire to lend your voice and talents in transforming our education system into the very best this nation has to offer. The Education Town Hall is the intersection where parents, students, teachers, administrators, community members, policy makers and politicians can all meet to share stories, struggles, and solutions. If you feel that you haven’t had a voice before, please know that you do now.

Listen LIVE on Thursdays at 11 a.m. Eastern via We Act/White Rose or via TuneIn.

After years of weekly Education Town Hall broadcasts, the program shifted to new programming twice each month, with one week focused on local — DC, Maryland, Virginia — issues and one week focused nationally — the “BUS program,” which has been offered monthly in collaboration with BadAss Teachers, United Opt Out, and Save Our Schools March. Dr. Denisha Jones, who is local to DC but national in advocacy and scholarship, produces and often co-hosts these shows.

A monthly Education Town Hall focusing on local issues is now produced and co-hosted by Valerie Jablow, a DCPS parent and close follower of education in DC. Look for these programs using the “DC Area Education” category or looking here.

Generally, local issues now air on the second Thursday or the month, BUS programs on the fourth; classic programs air on the alternate Thursdays.

Through it all, Thomas Byrd, long-time schools and education advocate, has hosted and co-produced.

Virginia Spatz, who served as co-host and assistant producer for several years, as well as Feature Reporter, is on semi-retirement from the program.

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L-R: Virginia Spatz, Thomas Byrd, Valerie Jablow

Archived programs on Mix Cloud and throughout this blog. Please share widely.

We Act Radio

The Education Town Hall is part of the local “Live Wire” programming of We Act Radio: progressive radio broadcasting from Martin Luther King Avenue in Historic Anacostia.

Join the Discussion

This forum extends the on-air “Education Town Hall” discussion and offers additional resources. We consider widely applicable education topics as well as those of particular concern to the immediate listening area: DC, Maryland, Virginia. Through radio and blog, citizens together explore today’s educational challenges and opportunities.

Your thoughts are crucial, as we seek constructive ideas for our school communities and our neighborhoods. Guest blogs and comments are welcome here.

Participate — and then #dosomething!

Also join us on Facebook and on Twitter.

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