“Doing the Right Thing” for Teachers and Students

Over the course of his 38 years as a high school teacher and coach, David Greene has seen a lot of things that work, for students and for teachers, and a lot of things that don’t. But the natural forms of professional development that helped him as a new teacher are disappearing from schools as “data” and “evaluation” replace mentoring and collaboration among teachers. And reliance on particular tests is replacing a teacher’s judgment of what a student needs, a judgment that should be evolving with students and their lessons, he says. It is, therefore, the job of veteran teachers, like Greene, to advocate and educate for “teachers teaching children,” rather than a “system systematizing them.”

One aspect of the “systematizing,” Greene argues, is that varieties in student learning styles, particularly between male and female students, are ignored. Educators need to change expectations and approaches if all children are to thrive.

Greene shares his observations and proposals in Doing the Right Thing: A teacher speaks. He joins the Education Town Hall on August 7 to discuss the book and his advocacy for schools, teachers, and students.

Also this week: Education Revolutionary Keith David Reeves, whose video response to Whoopi Goldberg, explains tenure.

Tune in August 7 to We Act Radio at 11:00 a.m. EDT to listen live.
Shows are archived shortly after broadcast for convenient (re-)play.


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