Young Invincibles Address Higher Ed Need and Costs

Are you and your family struggling with college affordability? Are you suffering from student debt? It’s important to tell your story, says Jasmine Hicks, National Organizing & Education Manager for Young Invincibles: Legislators respond to personal stories, and personal stories help like-minded people unite in advocacy. Visit the “Stories” link on the “Student Impact Project” website to learn more and to share.

HicksHicks spoke about the complexity of the FAFSA process and the struggle many students face in obtaining help in the financial aid process. Young Invincibles (YI) works to provide resources for schools and students to help address this problem. They also work on related national and regional advocacy.

Helping students get the information they need to enroll in, and graduate from, college is particularly important in communities of color, Hicks explains. YI’s recent national report, “Closing the Race Gap,” found that the earning gap between white and black students, though persistent, closes as education advances. (Read the full report here.) Regional reports are due soon, she adds. These will help YI and other advocates focus their efforts in specific areas.

Listen to the full discussion on track 3 below —

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