corporate influence in schools

Ward 7 on Schools Planning (or not)

The competition (charter) model opens new schools without overall planning — sometimes in opposition to community efforts. Listen for its effects on DC’s Ward 7 schools. Today, 7/13/17, on We Act Radio’s Education Town Hall: Valerie Jablow, DCPS parent and… Read More ›

DC SBOE & ESSA: A Step Back?

Markus Batchelor, DC State Board of Education Representative from Ward 8, and Valerie Jablow, DCPS parent and blogger, joined the Education Town Hall on April 13 to discuss the State Board’s recent action on ESSA measures. Batchelor raised questions about… Read More ›

Pearson vs Shareholders

The Pearson corporation’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, April 29. The London gathering will report to shareholders on the international giant’s year’s $6 billion revenue this year, gained in part from standardized testing in the U.S., and on… Read More ›

2015 to 2016: No Rest for…

…Education Advocates, However Weary 2015 saw passage of the federal ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act, “No Child Left Behind”), so 2016 will be the year of state-level work for educational equity as the new ESSA (“Every Student Succeeds”) legislation… Read More ›