Education Revolutionary Explains Tenure

What’s a “good teacher”? Do tenure protections prevent schools from removing “bad” teachers? What forms of evaluation help students and teachers? And just how broken is our school system? Education Revolutionary Keith David Reeves, who offered this video response to Whoopi Goldberg’s tenure tirade, joins We Act Radio’s August 7 Education Town Hall to explore these topics.

Also this week, long-time teacher David Greene, author of Doing the Right Thing: A teacher speaks.

Get the inside scoop from two experienced and visionary educators.

Tune in to We Act Radio on August 7, 11 a.m. to noon for the Education Town Hall. Shows are archived shortly after broadcast for (re-)play at your convenience.


  1. Great Conversation! Both gentlemen touch on key points. While Mr. Greene says to promote positive, I would say, the battle just isn’t that easy because the positive is too easily overlooked.


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