youtube screen shot showing show hosts plus Chioma Oruh and Maria Blaeuer

Special Education: May 24 Education Town Hall

Discussion covered a variety of issues, on special education in law and practice, nationally and in DC.

Chioma Oruh, professor at the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development

Sheila Carr, co-founder of Decoding Dyslexia DC

Maria Blauer, director of programs and outreach at Advocates for Justice and Education

Nadia Roberts: founder and head of Don’t Back Down DC, a local grassroots special education advocacy organization — unable to participate, but you can find DBDDC on Facebook and by email, DBDDC at gmail.

Education Town Hall livestream, May 24 at noon Eastern

Resources shared by today’s guests

Check back for additional materials from AJE.

These resources were shared by Sheila Carr of Decoding Dyslexia DC.

“Explaining ADHD to Teachers”

“Reading Comprehension” graphic

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