Attempts to Revise History Teaching

On February 22, educators from DC and Virginia discuss attempts to revise how history is understood and taught in our publicly funded schools and what that means for their work as well as our understanding of Black history. 

Here on YouTube —

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Laura Fuchs: Social studies teacher, Woodson HS, who also served on a panel to advise the DC state board of education on updates to DC’s social studies standards. 

Cosby Hunt, Director of Youth Programming, Center for Inspired Teaching; US History teacher at DCPS’s Theodore Roosevelt HS. In 2014, while at the Center for Inspired Teaching, Hunt created the DC social studies course called Real World History. He has recently served on the panel convened by DC’s office of the state superintendent of education (OSSE) to write an update of DC’s social studies standards.

Patricia Mosley Hunt: US and VA government teacher at Wakefield HS, in Arlington, VA.

Scheduled but unable to appear: Langston Tingling-Clemmons: Social studies lead teacher, Jefferson Academy middle school, who has helped craft ways to decentralize European history from the curriculum.

Clips shown during program:

  1. Educators face challenges with teaching Black history.” Jamiese Price, ABC11-News, Raleigh, NC. Feb 7, 2023.
  2. Gov. Youngkin Pushes Racist Curriculum That Erases MLK.” Dr. Rashad Richey. “Indisputable,” 11/26/2022

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