Duke Ellington School of the Arts

Special edition of The Education Town Hall: “We Love You Madly: the Past, Present and Future of Duke Ellington School of the Arts.” Discussion of educational equity and equality for DC’s only dual pre-professional arts and academic high school. Current students, alumni, faculty, and parents, and community members joined this wide-ranging discussion.

School community argues that Duke Ellington requires funding for both the academics and the arts programming elements of their curriculum. Where other schools also get funding for “after-school” programming, Duke provides instruction until 6 p.m., for example. They insist that DCPS wants the building to serve students from the now very pricey area in which it is located, and that the District has always been ambivalent, if not hostile, to a program that draws students from all over the city — including low-income, predominantly Black wards.

Learn more about the issues — below (more links coming).

Feb 13 Action

Protest at the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, February 13 — 8:30 a.m. to noon.

The protest on the 13th will be followed by advocacy at Rep. Norton’s office, February 14.

Video image description: YouTube thumbnail. shows a full house — parents, teachers, students — and Thomas Byrd, host.

Featured photo shows additional guests, including students and Rev. Gilbert, who is speaking.


2019 report, created by DCPS only with Ward 3 school parents, that discussed taking over Duke Ellington to relieve so-called overcrowding at Wilson (now Jackson-Reed).

Georgetown area reporting on takeover.

Mayor takes over Ellington fields

DCist report on December 2022 protest.

DCPS report on the takeover — City Council legislative memo

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