BATs Prepare for Lobbying Congress

by Jordan Pandy, Education Town Hall intern

Denisha Jones and Marla Kilfoyle are set to close in on Washington alongside other members of the Badass Teachers Association (BAT), from all of the country, next month to bring attention to the change in direction of America’s schools. Members will be meeting with representatives to discuss legislation changes for their respective states, along with changes on a more national scale. “We’re going to be discussing things such as vouchers, charters, equity and funding. That’s going to be a very big one we’re going to be addressing…we have to make these people understand that our schools are starving to death,” said Kilfoyle. (Bios for Denisha Jones and Marla Kilfoyle below.)

The main focus of last year’s BAT gathering was to rally and protest at the U.S. Department of Education, whereas this year’s goal is to advocate for legislative changes. Kilfoyle believes that the teachers are gaining momentum and leverage, supported by a high test refusal rate, and they are not going away without any results. “These are the things we see working and we need you to support these things.” Along with the growing number of members, BAT’s influence has grown as well. BATs now believe that the U.S. Congress can no longer ignore their demands.

The storming of Washington takes place this July 23rd, in conjunction with the BAT Congress on the 25th and a Mock Trial on the 24th.

There will be a lobby-preparation webinar in July, as well as additional materials, posted soon, for all to use with their U.S. Representatives and Senators — whether in Washington DC, in home-state offices, or via mail/email/phone. Visit BAT website and Event Page for further details as they become available.

Tracks 2 and 3 below —

  • Marla Kilfoyle is General Manager of Badass Teachers Association (BAT), a parent and a teacher. She is active in Parents and Teachers Against Common Core and LI Opt-Out.
  • Denisha Jones is a BAT administrator and has taught early childhood and college for over 10 years. Currently she is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at Howard University.

Also on Thursday’s show: an update from Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner on his 40-mile trek to DC for the BAT Congress.

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