WTU Calls for Full Funding of DCPS

The proposed FY 2020 budget for DC Public Schools will severely underfund neighborhood schools, disproportionately cutting funds for students most at-risk, according to WTU Local 6. For example WTU calculates that Anacostia and Ballou high schools, both in Ward 8, stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each “on paper,” equivalent to millions of “real loss.” This would mean the loss of 11.6 and 12.6 teachers, respectively. Woodson, Ward 7’s only comprehensive high school, would lose $36,438 “on paper,” and $896,588 or 8.2 teachers in “real loss.” The percentage of at-risk students at the three high schools is, in order: 95%, 91%, and 81%. These are the three high schools serving students east of the river in DC, home to many of the city’s lower income students.

Meanwhile, Wilson, Ward 3’s high school — with 35% at-risk students — would gain over a million dollars in funding “on paper,” projected to be equivalent to a “real loss” of $9,784 (0.1 teachers). See attached School Impact document from WTU: School Impact FY20 Budget (2) for full details on these and other schools’ proposed budgets.

The three east of the river high schools serve students in neighborhoods with between 32% and 57% child poverty rates. Wilson serves a ward with child poverty rates of 6% or less. Visit DC Action for Children for details.

Overall, funding increase per pupil is less than the rate of inflation, according to DC Fiscal Policy Institute, and Wards 7 and 8 are disproportionately affected. See the DCFPI analysis here.

April 25 Rally

The Washington Teachers Union calls on all concerned: “Demand that the DC Council amend the proposed FY 2020 DCPS budget to fully fund our schools. If the proposed budget is not amended, our schools could lose millions of dollars.”

Thursday, April 25, at 4:00PM, educators, parents, students, and community leaders will hold a rally on Freedom Plaza (across the street from the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.) to tell the DC Council: Fund Our Schools! Fund Our Future!

WTU Rally Flyer for April 25

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