Seeking Healthier School Environments in DC’s Ward 6: 9/13 Ed Town Hall

Community members discuss construction hazards and testing for lead in school water, plans to build an electrical substation next to an elementary school and more. Guests:

  • Joe Weedon, Ward 6 representative to DC’s State Board of Education, up for re-election in November;
  • DCPS parent Hannah Donart, who seeks testing for lead in school water;
  • Tiffany Aziz, parent of a Walker-Jone Elementary School student, and Will Jones, parent of a neighborhood infant, both of whom are fighting PEPCO’s plans for the new substation.

Full recording here —
Segment 1 begins at 1:30; Segment 2 begins 31:30

ETH Sept 13
L-R: Valerie Jablow, associate producer; Joe Weedon, Ward 6 state board of education representative; Tiffany Aziz, Walker-Jones Education Campus parent; Will Jones, community activist; Hannah Donart, Maury Elementary parent; Thomas Byrd, producer and founder, Education Town Hall.

Learn more about Hannah Donart’s water testing concerns and construction issues.

PEPCO substation near Walker-Jones Elementary School, “What Can I Do to Help?”

  • Write a letter of opposition to the ANC Commissioner Panel at alexmarriottanc at gmail (dot) com
  • Submit a letter of opposition/documents to the Public Service Commission before 9/26/2018, use case numbers FC1130 and FC1144
  • Submit a letter of opposition/documents to the Office of Zoning before 11/1/2018, use case number 19845
  • Sign and share the petition
  • Join weekly protest, Thursdays, 5 pm- 6 pm, 1st and K Street NW, DC.
  • Follow “Not in my community” on Facebook
  • Provide any helpful details/studies/articles in opposition of this development to above mentioned governing groups and to Tiffany.aziz at hotmail (dot) com

More on PEPCO’s plans and the protest, some related documents, and Council bill to set up a substation planning system.

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