DC Schools, Immigration, and Sanctuary

Parents are calling DC schools to say, “I cannot pick up my child right now, because ICE is outside my door,” Allyson Criner Brown, of Teaching for Change, tells the Education Town Hall. In addition, she says, students are missing school or arriving late, and fear for family members without complete immigration documentation affects classrooms in many ways. Meanwhile, although the District of Columbia is officially a “sanctuary city,” it has not clear what this means for students and school employees. Criner Brown reports on conditions in schools where Teaching for Change works, as well as if/how DC officials are responding.

Segment begins at 9:00 —

Allyson Criner Brown is the associate director of Teaching for Change and leads the Tellin’ Stories parent empowerment project. She is also a parent, educator, and seasoned, award-winning practitioner. Originally from Oakland, Calif., she lives with her husband and daughter in Washington, D.C.

For DC-specific support and organizing information here.

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