Texas religious views in YOUR neighborhood school

ContentsHow are religious views of a vocal group in Texas affecting world history classes in your neighborhood school? For decades, activists hoping to influence K-12 textbook content have focused on the Texas approval process. The sheer size of that state’s market share means that large publishers make decisions based on what will sell there. Hear directly from a scholar who participated in an independent review of books up for adoption in Texas about the impact of this practice.

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David R. Brockman is a religious studies scholar and Christian theologian, currently serving as Adjunct Lecturer in Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University. He is the author of several books on
Christian and multifaith topics. At the request of the Texas Freedom Network, he joined a panel of scholars which conducted an independent review of social studies textbooks up for adoption in Texas. His task: evaluate the coverage of religions in world geography and world history textbooks. What he found was disturbing on many levels (see some of his findings in Religion Dispatches).

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