From Moments of Rebellion to Education Movement

Activists from Albuquerque, Chicago, and Washington DC joined the Education Town Hall to discuss developments in the effort to take back public education. Guests were Bob George, a lifelong educator in the Chicago area, and Rick Meyer, a New Mexico education advocate, both leaders in the national Save Our Schools (SOS); and Denisha Jones, a national leader among BadAss Teachers (BATs).

Bob George spoke about the recent 49th annual Selma Bridge Crossing event and the Moral Mondays movement, both of which focus on education as a human right. Rick Meyer described a class-action lawsuit arguing, on behalf of dozens of New Mexico students, that the state is failing to provide a suitable education to its minority students. Denisha Jones reported on upcoming BAT events, including a national rally in July in DC. All three discussed ways in which parents, teachers, and others can overcome fear and join together to ensure that every child has an opportunity for appropriate public education.

Listen to the full discussion, with host Thomas Byrd, on the April 3 edition of the Education Town Hall.

BATs to Descend on U.S. DOE

BATS Will Demand in DCThe BadAss Teachers association is planning a July 27th leadership conference in DC and a family-friendly rally in front of the Department of Education with music, arts and crafts for children, and a few speakers.

BAT demands include an end to federal grants based on test scores and to federal incentives to close and privatize public schools.

Demands flyer to share >>

Save Our Schools News/Events

Ask the White House to take steps toward removing standardized testing mandates of NCLB and RttT. 100,000 signatures needed by April 16. Sign here.

Save Our Schools wants to make the traditional teacher appreciation day more “influential, informed, and responsive to the political issues facing teachers and students.” Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5-9.

Moral Mondays February Rally in Raleigh

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