“Where am I, and what’s the best move to make in this position?” For more than 10 years, Eugene Brown has been teaching children and adults to ask these questions at school, at work, and on the street as well as over the chess board. The Big Chair Chess Club in Ward 7 has been a tremendous, if little known, asset to the Deanwood Neighborhood and the city. And soon, with the release of “Life of a King,” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as Brown, the story will soon be far better known.

Eugene Brown at his Big Chair Chess Club in Washington DC's Deanwood Neighborhood

Eugene Brown at his Big Chair Chess Club
in Washington DC’s Deanwood Neighborhood

Listen in on Thursday, January 16, at 11:00 a.m. as Eugene Brown shares his story on the Education Town Hall, on We Act Radio, 1480 AM in the DC area — anywhere via Tune In. Call in with questions, 202-889-9797 or email questions in advance to EdTownHall@gmail.com

DeanwoodChessHouse in Feb. 2010 East of the River

Life of a King: The Real-Life Story of Redemption and Chess”: Movie trailer

More about the Brown and the chess club, with youth interviews.

Reta Lewis on DC’s Education Needs
Also joining the Education Town Hall this week: Reta Lewis, candidate for mayor of the District of Columbia. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE 1/16/14 — Listen to the full discussion.