For the Love of Children, BadAss Recap of NJ Election, Memories of Janet Myers

From FLOC's October newsletter,
From FLOC’s October newsletter,

How did one minister’s trip to Selma in 1965 launch a non-profit that has served 10,000 youth in Washington, DC? With so many nonprofits and educational organizations coming and going, what keeps For the Love of Children steady, more than 45 years after its founding? Learn about this vibrant and long-lived educational group on Thursday’s Education Town Hall. Executive Director Tim Payne joins host Thomas Byrd at 11:30 a.m. on November 7th.

Also joining the Education Town Hall on Thursday, Denisha Jones of Howard University and the Badass Teachers Association comments on the education story in New Jersey’s gubernatorial election.

Finally, colleagues of Janet Myers (may her memory be for a blessing) speak about her legacy.

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