DC Parents Organizing

Matthew Frumin, education advocate and recent candidate for DC City Council, is helping to unite a community voice on education in the District. As mentioned on the June 6 Education Town Hall, one part of that effort is an online petition on neighborhood schools.

Here’s a part of the petition’s preamble:

At present there is no citywide organization or coordinated voice to press for basic principles on behalf of all parents in the ongoing process of shaping education in our city.

A number of parent and community leaders from across the city have taken initial steps to form a new organization to advocate for neighborhood schools and to seek to work with DCPS and city leaders in an effort to ensure great local schools in every neighborhood.

Please review the principles outlined in the Petition below and sign on, providing your e-mail, if you share them and are interested in being a part of this effort. We will then get back to you to consider next steps.

Listen and share the full discussion on the June 6 edition of the Education Town Hall.

Find the complete archives on MixCloud.

Listen Thursdays, 11 a.m. – noon (eastern)
on www.Weactradio.com anywhere
WPWC 1480 on the AM dial.

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