Education Town Hall Voices

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Bess Altwerger: Recently retired professor of education and author of Reading for Profit: How the Bottom Line Leaves Kids Behind, member of Save Our Schools‘ Steering Committee.
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Ken Archer: Education observer and advocate, writer for Greater Greater Washington.
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Jonetta Rose Barras: Columnist at The Washington Post, formerly at the Washington Examiner.
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Matthew Frumin: Education advocate, 18-year DC public school parent, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner former candidate for DC Council.
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Denisha Jones: Howard University professor and activist who helps organize the BadAss Teachers Association.
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Morna McDermott: Teacher educator and blogger at Education Alchemy, member of Saving Our Schools‘ Steering Committee; administrator for United Opt Out: Ending Corporate Reform of Public Education.”
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Seema Sadanandan: Organizer/filmmaker/lawyer who uses art and media as a vehicle for social transformation, program director at the American Civil Liberties Union-National Capital Area, where she works on School-to-Prision pipeline issues.
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Deborah Simmons: Long-time, sharp observer of DC’s education landscape, award-winning correspondent with the Washington Times, and regular voice on The Education Town Hall.
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Eboni-Rose Thompson: Chair of the Ward 7 Education Council, program specialist with Save the Children, overseeing early childhood and school-age programs in the District, and writer for Greater Greater Education.

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Iris Toyer: Long-time education advocate and former member of DC board of education, regional student development director at A+ Tutor U.
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Virginia Spatz, feature reporter; Thomas Byrd, host; Zakiya Lewis, intern

Thomas Byrd:

Founder and host of the Education Town Hall. Long-time education advocate, alumnus and active volunteer of Ballou Senior High School in DCPS, chair of the Ward 8 (DC) Education Council, and former staff member of the DC Parent Information Resource Center.

Virginia Spatz:

Feature reporter for the Education Town Hall. Education activist and journalist whose work often appears in East of the River. Bio on AboutMe


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