Book Deserts and Their Effects

Feature Report: “Book Deserts and Their Effects” — with citations and resources Recording, 7/13/17, begins at 2:00 — Over the past few years, the District has been one of three cities involved in a study of access to children’s books…. Read More ›

Educators as Community Protectors

In the wake of the recent election, teachers in the U.S. must cope with threats to immigrants in their classrooms and communities, in addition to their usual responsibilities. In December, the president-elect’s transition team asked the Department of Homeland Security… Read More ›

Students Aint Bullet Proof

On Tuesday, protesters disrupted the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Committee of the Whole meeting, with demands concerning policing in schools and use of military surplus equipment. Los Angeles is among schools systems around the country which had obtained military… Read More ›