Envelope marked "Vote: Official Election Mail, Ballot Enclosed"

Announcing: DC State Board, WTU, and Nov Election

DC’s State Board of Education and upcoming election is the topic of the next Education Town Hall. Airing Wednesday, October 19, at noon EASTERN, live on We Act Radio’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel. UPDATE: Recording available here

Candidates for State Board of Education, endorsed by Washington Teachers Union:

Ben Williams, Ward 1: Currently a teacher at Capital City public charter school, Williams is hoping to advance better teacher retention and equity in DC’s publicly funded schools.

Michael Sriqui, Ward 3: ANC commissioner and DCPS parent, Sriqui has long ties (9th generation!) to DC.

Robert Henderson, Ward 5: A charter school parent, Henderson was instrumental in re-establishing the education council of Ward 5, the Ward 5 Education Equity Committee.

Joshua Wiley, Ward 6: Currently an assistant principal at DCPS’s Whittier Elementary, Wiley taught middle school math at both charters and public schools.

Image is DC Ballot envelope, marked “Vote: Official Election Mail, Ballot Enclosed”

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