Special Education in DC Schools

The October 10 Education Town Hall show will feature a discussion of the state of special education in DC’s publicly funded schools with three local experts and advocates. DC has a long history of troubled and inequitable special education services, which the June 2019 annual letter from the Department of Education highlights, including abiding by the provisions of the IDEA law as well as unlicensed special education providers in charter schools. Our guests will outline the problems as well as some solutions going forward.

Listen at 11 a.m. EASTERN on Thursday, October 10, via TuneIn or by visiting We Act Radio and clicking on arrow at upper left (NOTE: Not all “listen” buttons are working at present).


–Dr. Chioma Oruh, DCPS parent and parent advocate with Advocates for Justice and Education, a DC nonprofit helping families with special needs children receive appropriate education services.

–Latisha Chisholm, social worker and manager of the Connected Schools initiative at Anacostia high school.

–Jackie Pinkney-Hackett, former DCPS parent of a student with special needs. Former, Director of Parent and Community Involvement for the Deputy Mayor of Education. She has worked as a Consultant for the DCPS Special Education Call Center and served on the following committees: Mayor’s State Advisory Panel for Special Education (SAP) (’05-’08); High Quality Teaching and Learning Committee (SAP), Chair (’05-’08); D.C. State Transition Team for Students with Disabilities (’05-’08); DCPS Parent Resource Centers Planning Committee (’06-’07); D.C. Education Compact, Parent Sector (’05-’07); D.C. State Enforcement and Investigation Division Parent Advisory Council (’05-’07). She is currently a Disability & Educational Advocate.

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