Advocating for Schools to City Leaders

Dr. Robert Moses, civil rights icon and education advocate, joined the April 12 Education Town Hall, along with long-time DC education advocate Suzanne Wells and State Board of Education Representative Joe Weedon.

Full program here —

Dr. Moses discussed the need for quantitative literacy as well as a thorough understanding of reading and writing for the 21st Century’s information age and knowledge economy. He shared information about the upcoming “WTU/Algebra Project Shared Vision Conference,” at which he will be keynote speaker. The conference — Shared Vision (PDF) — is scheduled for April 21, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Gallaudet’s Kellogg Conference Center, 800 Florida Ave, NE.

Joe Weedon spoke from the perspective of a DCPS parent and State Board of Education Representative for Ward 6. He is running for re-election in Ward 6.

Suzanne Wells, joining from in studio, addressed the importance of parent engagement in our schools from the perspective of her role as a Ward 6 DCPS parent and founder and leader of CHPSPO (Capitol Hill Public School Parents Organization), also in Ward 6.

Valerie Jablow (L) and Thomas Byrd (R) with guest Suzanne Wells.

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