Newark Students Walk Out, NY Students Opt Out, Senate Committee Sits on ESEA Bill

Ready for Change on Standardized Testing? Contact U.S. Senators Now

The revised ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) “has not moved — the bill passed by Senate Education Committee has not been brought to full Senate,” Dr. Rosalie Friend, of Save Our Schools, told the Education Town Hall on May 28. So, now is the time for those with U.S. Senators to contact them about the crucial school issue of standardized testing.

The proposed legislation still requires annual testing. Fair Test advocates for grade-span testing — i.e., testing once in elementary, once in middle school, and once in high school, however, and both SOS March and United Opt Out continue to push for an end to corporate-based testing, not just limitations.

Dr. Friend also brought us up-to-date on education-related new not everyone sees:

Thousands of High School Students Walk Out

In Newark, community members have been fighting state-control of their schools as well as the particular reforms of state-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson for years. On May 22, students took action.

“Thousands from every high school in the city, thousands marched….student leaders spoke in front of several government buildings and then blocked entrance” to an interstate ramp, our SOS March correspondent reports. “Unlike Gov. Christie’s block, they just did this as a statement for about an hour and left before rush hour.”

“This is a very encouraging stand by these young people ,” said Dr. Friend. (One local news report)

Dramatic Test Refusals in New York

“In New York, we had a dramatic opt out of the state tests,” Dr. Friend told the Education Town Hall. With 89% of school district data available, through public reports or FOIA requests, more than 206K students refused the English test and over 191K refused the math test.

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