US-Japan Youth Exchange

“From the inundated streets of Tokyo, to the loud stillness of Minamisanriku, every step we took in the land of the rising sun seemed to make an impact on me,” wrote Luke Nogueira, one of DC’s students in the Tomodachi US-Japan Youth Exchange Program. Some of this year’s participants join the Education Town Hall on April 16 to discuss their experiences and the Tomodachi program.

Tune in at 11 a.m. Eastern to hear from student travelers and from Sally Schwartz of Globalize DC, who helps bring such experiences to DC schools.

Tomodachi USJapanHere are just a few remarks from the Tomodachi students’ blog:

“The Japanese are very considerate and respectful, but also conservative and traditional,” wrote Sierra Queen, for example. “Coming from a community where a lot of people don’t care about what people think and do whatever they want, it is very interesting and also conflicting.”

Gabby Towson was struck by seeing young children ride trains alone late at night and other signs of safety in Japan: “Looking at even this small piece of Japanese culture is something that really made me think and reflect on American ideas and culture. This trip was a truly eye opening experience for me…”

Sally Schwartz is founder and executive director of Globalize DC, a non-profit mobilizing the unique resources of the nation’s capital to help prepare a new generation of DC youth for life and careers in our culturally diverse, globally interconnected 21st century world.

The Education Town Hall broadcasts from Historic Anacostia in Washington, DC, Thursdays
at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on We Act Radio.
Listen live via TuneIn.
Shows are archived for convenient listening shortly after broadcast.

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