School Competition in NoLa, “Beyond the Wall” in China, and BAT Congress in DC

Is Competition Among Schools Spurring Academic Improvement?

The Education Research Alliance for New Orleans (Era) is a research organization dedicated to understanding the post-Katrina school reforms in New Orleans. In the wake of Katrina, New Orleans became one of the most charter-heavy school systems in the country.

One of the tenets of charter philosophy has always been that competition among schools would foster academic improvements. So Era studied 30 NoLa schools to explore that concept. The study, “How Do School Leaders Respond to Competition? Evidence from New Orleans,” was released today.

Emma Brown writes, in the Washington Post:

Of the 30 schools examined in the study, leaders at just 10 — or one-third of the total — said they competed for students by trying to improve their academic programs or operations. Leaders at far more schools — 25 — said they competed by marketing their existing programs, including with signs, billboards, t-shirts, home visits and incentives for parents to refer potential students.
— Read more: Emma Brown, Washington Post 3/26/15

Era – which is housed in the School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University – is offering a presentation on the paper tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. Central Time. Free live streaming will be available around the country.

Free Film Screening: “Beyond the Wall”

This Sunday, March 29, The Education Town Hall is co-sponsoring the final pre-release screening of an exciting new documentary about DC public school students studying in China.

Screening of the film, “Beyond the Wall,” will be followed by a discussion of global education in the District. The event will be held at the Dorothy I Height-Benning Library from 2 to 4:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public, but space is limited.

RSVP to be assured of a seat email sally.schwartz of GlobalizeDC at or call Sally Schwartz at 202-251-1692.

“Beyond the Wall” will soon be released for screening around the country.

More on this story, including an interview with one of the students highlighted in the film. Flyer to share — WallPreviewflyer

BAT Congress Coming to DC

Finally, the BAT Teacher Congress is still a few months away, but tickets to some events are going quickly. In addition to the BadAss Teachers Association Congress itself, the long weekend of events includes lobbying and social events as well as a mock trial of the Department of Education and a celebration of Jesse Turner’s walk from Connecticut to DC.

Visit BAT website for details


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