“Walking Dollar Signs” at MS2?

“They make us study these things but they don’t care if we really understand it,” a student leader [from MS2: Howard University Middle School for Mathematics and Science] said. “They just want us to get a good grade on something so they can get funding. They look at us like walking dollar signs.”

DollarSign_DemandsThere are other aspects to this story, but student voices must be heard. Dr. Greg Carr, one of the chairs of the African-American Studies Department at Howard, has been closely associated with the middle school. He encourages Howard students to continue support for MS2. Full article at Hill Top Online. Updates and comments welcome here.

See February 5 Education Town Hall for a discussion with Akosua Ali, president of the local NAACP which is facilitating resolution at the school, and Shannon Settle, member of the MS2 Parents in Action group. TRACK 4 below. Also: feature report on Track 2 additional background here.

More on MS2: tracks 2 and 4 —

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