National Launch Campaign

The Education Town Hall’s “National Launch” campaign concluded at the end of October. We thank everyone who visited the site and helped spread the word! Each contribution of time and energy is deeply appreciated and helps the Education Town Hall bring together local and national activists working to improve education, from the earliest years through adulthood.

Additional thanks to our financial donors:

Brittany Alexander
Allyson C. Brown
Mireille Ellsworth
Mary Filardo
Marla Kilfoyle (BATs)
Michael Kimsey
Hugh D. Lawrence
Mary Levy
Danita Long
JoEllen Marley
Dorothy Marshak (CHIME)
Sandra Munnell
Keith D. Reeves
Cathy Reilly
Sheila Resseger
Andy Shallal
Mark A. Simon
Stephen M. Smith
Anne Tenaglia
Suzanne Wells

Donated funds are already at work in keeping the show on the air, helping to maintain this website. Soon, the Education Town Hall will be hiring an intern.

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