Hear Our Teachers (film), Turn This Tide (DCision14)

What’s really going on behind school doors? Hear Our Teachers is a documentary exploring the reality and offering “virtually cost-free answers to the education crisis” based on real educators’ experience and vision. Laurie Gabriel, the creative force behind Hear Our Teachers, joins the Education Town Hall on October 30, at 11 EDT.

Gabriel is a veteran teacher and videographer. She has taught grades K-12 in everything from struggling inner-city schools in Denver, CO to rich private schools in Potomac, MD. Her previous video work was classroom-centered. For this film she is partnering with her filmmaker husband, Ethan Gabriel.

Election 2014

At 11:30, Khalid Pitts, candidate for at-large DC Council Member, will discuss his education platform:

With the migration of new transplants into our District, it is time to fully turn this tide and create a system of great schools across the spectrum of Pre-K3 – 12 and regardless of their location in the city.
— Khalid Pitts, full issue paper at Khalid for Council

Pitts is a community advocate and local business owner committed to working families and the middle class both locally and nationally. He brings stakeholders together to develop legislation and has worked to transform the neighborhood economy through enterprises including Cork Wine Bar and Cork Market and Tasting Room.

TuneIn on Thursday, October 30, at 11 EDT to learn more about Pitts and Hear Our Teachers.

We Act Radio’s Education Town Hall

The Education Town Hall broadcasts from Historic Anacostia in Washington, DC,

Thursdays at 11 Eastern on We Act Radio.
Listen live via TuneIn.
Shows are archived for convenient listening shortly after broadcast.

Help keep the Education Town Hall on the air:

Donate and/or forward the “National Launch Campaign” link
to all those interested in helping to
amplify voices for community-based, student-centered, teacher-informed education solutions.

Only a few hours left. Please help out if you can.

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