CorpseRATe Coup

Common Corpse
Spawned from

Hubris unbounded
Influence uncounted
Smugness unplugged
The public mugged
Heedless greed
trumps need

Isn’t it ironic
(frankly moronic)
that Common Core groupies extol
regardless of toll
close reading of text
with no vital context
(which makes no sense)
and writing from evidence,
but are blind to the truth
that their assumptions
about youth
rely not on such evidence
but on perverse faith
at the public’s expense?

Reckless endangerers,
Ruthless coup and
Callous indifference
You will rue.
BATs are onto you.
BATs are onto you.

–December 28, 2013
Sheila Resseger, retired teacher Rhode Island School for the Deaf, early BAT
recited on the July 24 Education Town Hall

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