Closing the Race Gap

CLOSE-THAT-GAP---SQUAREYoung Invincibles is a non-profit working to expand economic opportunity for young adults. Their recent report, Closing the Race Gap, examines racial disparities in education and their impact on young adults’ job prospects. Jasmine Hicks, National Organizing and Education Manager at Young Invincibles, joins the Education Town Hall on July 31 to discuss this report and its implications.

Listen live, via TuneIn, at 11 a.m. Eastern on July 31.

Education Town Hall airs Thursdays at 11 Eastern on We Act Radio. Shows are archived shortly after broadcast for listening at your convenience.

Closing the Race Gap finds that young African Americans need two more levels of education than their young white peers to have the same chance at employment. For example, young African American adults need to earn an associate’s degree to have the same job prospects as young white adults with just a high school degree. The report also details a series of policy recommendations that Congress should consider as it prepares to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, and steps that states can take to help more young adults afford a higher education.

States, such as Maryland, for example, have significantly slashed funding for higher education in recent years — a major hindrance for young adults who want to pursue an education to have the best career chances possible, along with rising tuition costs. Tuition in Maryland has increased by 12% in the past 5 years and since 2008, Maryland has cut per student budget appropriations for higher education by 20 percent. Jasmine will speak to how Young Invincibles is working to change this — and how young adults in the D.C. area can work to reverse these trends, too.

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