DC Charters and Public School Resources

PearsonScott Pearson, director of the DC Public Charter School Board, joined the Education Town Hall May 22. He introduced newly approved DC charter schools — scheduled for opening in the fall of 2015 –including a boarding school. Discussion also included DC plans for Rocketship Schools as well as DC’s first year of joint DCPS and PCBS applications for enrollment. (track 4 below)

The newly approved charters will “serve kids who one way or another may not have had great educational options,” Pearson explained.

Monument Academy is a boarding school for “foster kids or at risk of being foster,” providing weekday accommodations for students who return to their guardians on weekends. not sure if parents can be full-time parents. No location is set yet.

Children’s Guild has been operating in Maryland for over 60 years, Pearson said, and plans to open a school in Ward 7 (in a facility being vacated by a closing charter) with an enrollment of 50% student with disabilities and 50% general education.

The third new charter is an internationally-focused middle school called Washington Global, offering languages and an “international education.”

gastonDarrell Gaston, candidate for Ward 8’s seat on the State Board of Education in DC, spoke about the need for re-organization of mayoral control of DC schools, community investment, and parental involvement. (track 3 below)

Also this week: feature report on Education For All and #BringBackOurGirls. Listen and #dosomething!

Listen to the full recording of the May 22 Education Town Hall —

Alternative link to the May 22 show

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