People Want to Be Part of the Solution: Reta Jo Lewis

When it comes to education, “it’s time now for us to get it right,”
says says Reta Jo Lewis, candidate for mayor of the District of Columbia,
To do that, she argues, “we have to get rid of these silos.”

I meet people all over the city who say, “I want to be part of the solution” — it’s got to be about civic engagement.. about the business community…. we have to prepare our young people to be part of our economic prosperity.

It’s about how we make our entire city great…. you may have those households who don’t have any kids… but they want to be in a city that has great opportunities for children…. Cannot be about only those who contribute to someone’s campaign…

“We have to have an aspiration,” says Lewis. She was raised in the South and was among test cases helping to integrate her junior high. Her parents gave her that choice, she recalls; although it meant busing and other difficulties, it also meant “great schools.”

L-R on January 16: Richard Layman, Reta Jo Lewis, Virginia Spatz;
Participating remotely: Eugene Brown, Thomas Byrd

Listen to the entire discussion on January 16, 2014 edition of the Education Town Hall.

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