Crack and Schools in Southeast DC, 1985-1995

A history student from American University is doing research on the rise of crack in DC in the late 80s and early 90s, with a focus on the Ward 8 area. She is hoping to narrow her research around the schools as both an unsuspecting victim of the social changes and as a resource for communities under the strain of the “crack epidemic” and its consequences.

Can you add your perspectives to this research project?

The researcher is looking to conduct oral history interviews and eager to hear the views the people who experienced the so-called “crack epidemic” first hand. If you were a student, parent, teacher, social worker, school administrator, or any sort of active community member in Ward 8 between 1985-1995, or if you have any insight at all on the research topic, please reach out to her at KWGILLON at YAHOO.COM.

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