Major Urban School District Just “Doesn’t Do” Middle Schools?

Both the Deputy Mayor for Education and the Schools Chancellor of the District of Columbia have publicly stated that DC Public Schools “don’t do middle schools” very well. DME Smith insists that it’s too early to be talking specifics on many aspects of the city’s plan to re-draw school assignment boundaries. But both she and Chancellor Kaya Henderson have repeatedly declared that DCPS is not good at middle schools and should give this task over to the public charter school sector.

The Capitol Hill Public School Parents Organization has been working diligently for years to improve the middle school prospects for DCPS families, particularly those in/near Capitol Hill. These off-hand announcements do not bode well for results. Peter MacPherson joins this week’s Education Town Hall to speak about the group’s concerns in light of this official message.

Tune in at 11:00 a.m. (eastern) on November 21 to learn more. Join the conversation yourself by calling 202-889-9797 during the show or emailing Thomas.Byrd at BEFORE program time. Comments here also welcome.

See also the Washington Post and Greater Greater Education for more on this.

DME Abigail Smith spoke with community members on last week’s Education Town Hall. Summary and recording here.

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  1. As a parent with a child in a DC Middle School I couldn’t disagree with this statement more for what it’s worth to those reading this. BTW Want to know why homes are valuable in AUPARK it’s because of our Public Schools. END OF STORY.


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