Planning for DC’s First Boundary Change in 30 Years

For the first time in over 30 years, the District of Columbia is re-drawing school boundaries and feeder patterns. Abigail Smith, DC’s Deputy Mayor for Education, joins the Education Town Hall on November 14 to discuss this process. Here is background information about how the DME plans to involve the community.

The DME’s website provides no bio for Ms. Smith, but here is a press release from her appointment to the interim position.

Joining the discussion are Faith Hubbard, Ward 5 Education Council, and Eboni-Rose Thompson, Ward 7 Education Council.

UPDATE 11/13: Previous listing of discussion participants was in error: Ms. Toyer is not joining the program. In addition, Ms. Thompson has now confirmed. Apologies for the error.

Recording/summary of the November 14 discussion.

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