Literacy Volunteers and Advocates

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” — Rita Daniels, executive director of DC’s Literacy Volunteers and Advocates, says this Buddhist proverb applies to adults seeking to develop their literacy skills. She tells of one adult student who found LVA when another rider on a public bus read out: “If you can read this sign, read it aloud,” with information about their free services.

Daniels and Carolyn Crittendon, an instructor with LVA, joined the Education Town Hall on October 24 to discuss their work.

Full recording here, on track 3.

Free Instruction in Safe Spaces

Crittendon, an instructor with LVA, described how teachers work to develop a safe space for adult learners. Often adults fear not having the “right answer” to everything, she explains, and this hinders their ability to learn new things. Creating an environment in which students feel comfortable enough to speak up helps everyone in the classroom.

LVA classes and private tutoring are free. Contact LVA at 635 Edgewood St NE Washington, D.C., DC 20017. (202) 387-1772. Please pass the word!

Illiteracy is not an individual issue, Daniels concludes. “It’s a family issue, a community issue, a national issue.”

The Education Town Hall is broadcast Thursdays at 11 a.m. (Eastern) on We Act Radio.

Listen on-line at We Act Radio

In the DC Metro Area: WPWC 1480 AM

Full recordings are archived for later discussion and sharing. Comments and guest blogs also welcome.

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