Shutdown Stress Goes to School: Temporary Resolution of Govt Shutdown Leaves Financial, Emotional Impacts on Schools, Students

“Uncertainty is stressful,” says Dr. Mary Alvord, a psychologist experienced in helping children and adolescents deal with anxiety. Even as a temporary resolution to the federal debt crisis and partial government shutdown wends its way through Congress and the White House, uncertainty — for individuals, families and government-funded programs — remains. Moreover many families, especially in the DC area, have suffered income losses and other stresses that legislation will not necessarily repair.

One key to thriving amid the chaos, Dr. Alvord explains, is resilience. Listen to hear what this means in practice: How can teachers, parents and other adults help young people manage “shutdown stress”? And how can communities help ensure the mental health of all ages?

Full recording of the October 17 show.

School Financing and Student Citizenship

Representatives of Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in DC have been invited to discuss student citizenship amidst the financial crisis: How did speaking out about the District’s lack of financial autonomy affect student experience of the shutdown?<

Ramona Edelin, executive director of the DC Association of Chartered Public Schools, joins Thursday’s Education Town Hall to discuss how the quarterly payment schedule and continuing financial uncertainties affect charter schools. A spokesperson for the DC Mayor’s office may join the discussion as well.

Join the discussion by calling 202-889-9797. Or email Thomas.Byrd at with comments and questions pre-show questions.

The Education Town Hall is broadcast Thursdays at 11 a.m. (Eastern) on We Act Radio.

Listen on-line at We Act Radio

In the DC Metro Area: WPWC 1480 AM

Full recordings are archived for later discussion and sharing.

Join the (live) conversation by calling 202-889-9797.

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Temporary Resolution to Debt Crisis/Shutdown

A few reports on the brewing resolution and what we all face again in January:

Al Jazeera
New York Time
Washington Post


BIO: Mary Alvord
Dr. Mary Alvord is a licensed psychologist and director of Alvord, Baker & Associates, a therapy and psychological services practice in Maryland, just outside DC. Dr. Alvord has more than 30 years of clinical experience and specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults with anxiety disorders, and children and teens with attention, emotional and behaviorial challenges. She also holds a position as Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences and of Pediatrics at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Heath Sciences.

In addition, Dr. Alvord serves as a public education coordinator for the American Psychological Association.

BIO: Ramona Edelin
Ramona Edelin is executive director of the DC Association of Chartered Public Schools. The association supports school quality, outcomes for students, and public engagement in charter schools. Dr. Edelin has studied in Tennessee and Massachusetts in the U.S. and in East Anglia, England; she received her doctorate from Boston University.

Prior to working with the Association, Dr. Edelin helped found the Black Leadership Forum, an association of national leaders. She also worked with The HistoryMakers, a Chicago-based nonprofit focusing on African American oral history.

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