Arts Education “vs” Jobs? The plight of public universities

What is the role of arts education in public universities, especially during tough economic times?

Tune in to the discussion on The Education Town Hall radio show, Thursday, May 23 at 11 a.m.

DC area: We Act Radio WPWC 1480 AM

Join the conversation by calling 202-889-9797.

Guests: Jacqueline Lawton, visiting professor at UDC and author of The Hampton Years, opening soon at Theatre J.

For additional background, see “A D.C. playwright’s tale of a refugee professor and the artists he inspired” and “Booker T., W.E.B., Hampton, and UDC: A 1940s arts drama replays in 2013.

Deborah Simmons, award-winning correspondent with the Washington Times and regular voice on The Education Town Hall. Deborah is a longtime, sharp observer of DC’s education landscape.

Julia E. Christian, who directs the Anacostia Playhouse, soon to be opening near We Act Radio’s studio. From her work with H Street Playhouse and the Theater Alliance, Julia is very familiar with the working world of DC area theaters.

Virginia Spatz, The Education Town Hall’s feature reporter.

Host: Thomas Byrd.

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