DC Council Candidates’ Discuss Education

Candidates Frumin, Mara, Redd, and Silverman

Budget, neighborhood preference for charter schools, equity across the city and between charters and traditional public schools, as well as other issues relevant to DC public schools face the DC Council.

Candidates for at-large member of the DC Council joined host Thomas Byrd to discuss education issues facing the Council on both April 11 and April 18.

We Act Radio’s motto is “Do Something.”

If you live in DC, get informed and then get out to vote April 23!

If you live outside DC, learn about issues facing schools around the country and get involved in your local elections.

Listen live to WeActRadio.com and check out The Education Town Hall on Mix Cloud.

Candidates Matthew Frumin, Patrick Mara, and Perry Redd Participants appeared on the April 11 show; community activist Julianne Robertson King joined the conversation.

Candidate Elissa Silverman appeared on the April 18 show.

Candidates Anita Bonds and Paul Zuckerman declined. Michael A. Brown resigned from the race.

Issues discussed will remain current — for DC and communities elsewhere — long after the April 23 special election.

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