Organizing Schools Data for the Common Good

Sandra Moscoso-Mills, a self-described geek with a day job at the World Bank Finances Program, spoke with host Thomas Byrd on this week’s Education Town Hall about her volunteer “hacker” work. Listen to the March 7 show, as the discussion covers the critical need for data to support school choice, the effort to obtain the necessary raw data, and the work of making that available in usable form.

Like many parents of children ready to move into a new level of schooling, Moscoso finds the need for data more than an academic or freedom issue. She hopes her work, and that of colleagues, will serve other parents making active school choices. But the effort will also serve researchers and others interested in a better look into DC’s schools. Her post on the topic was among the first on DC’s new Greater Greater Education blog; further updates will appear there and the Education Town Hall.

Also on this week on We Act Radio‘s The Education Town Hall with Thomas Byrd:
At-large Council Candidate Michael A. Brown
Feature report on K12’s class action settlement, plus “DC Flex Was Denied.”

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